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My name is David CAILLE. I am the inventor and maker of BLST slot car systems – which I produce under the name of Sillage Racing (or ‘Slipstream Racing’ in English).

BLST means Best Lane Slot Track, but in reality it would be better to call it Racing Line Slot track. My English vocabulary was not very good when I came up with the name!

It's an automatic switch system for digital slot car systems (or MCPL : multi car per lane).

One lane is designed as the racing line - not necessarily the shortest route around the circuit, but the fastest.

With the racing line on one side of the track, on the other is an 'escape lane' - which is used for overtaking. There is a switch at the beginning of each section of the escape lane.

Not all parts of a track are good for overtaking. On bends (or sometimes sections of a straight) where there's the best chance to overtake, a flipper switch (or 'lane changer') automatically moves the challenging car on to the escape lane to give it the chance to pass. If at subsequent switches the cars are still side by side then the flippers will move the car which is on the racing line on to the next section of the escape lane so that they continue to race alongside each other - thereby avoiding a possible collision. When one car has gained a sufficient lead over the other then they are both returned to the racing line at the next switch.

All of this is handled by the system automatically - there is no button to press to change lanes - but it is still the driver's skill that counts. After just a couple of laps you will learn how best to overtake - out-breaking the other cars, or getting on the throttle quicker. If the system doesn't switch your car on to the escape lane to make the overtake then it's because you didn’t get it right..! Just try to position your car better when the next overtaking chance comes.

Just like in real motor racing, the leading car has priority on the racing line until a challenging car is close enough that it is switched to attempt the overtake.

A frequently asked question : is it possible to add manual switch ?

- Yes, it can be done by using the electronics from the original digital system being used. I have used this possibility to make a very effective pit lane entry, but I have not yet seen one used to great effect on the track for overtaking.

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